Bennour Deco invites you to transform your home with wallpaper

transform your home with wallpaper

Tunisia wallpaper is a decorative object that is becoming more and more important in interior decoration. Whether renovating a wall, hiding an inappropriate finish or personalizing a small space. Because decorating with paper offers practicality and agility in laying, without causing discomfort. Moreover, there is a wide availability of designs and a variety of wallpapers available in the market. Allowing colorful compositions that completely transform the decor of the house. Such as plain, printed or textured models, which offer a sophisticated decoration that matches the personality of the residents.

However, the golden rule for not sinning is to seek harmony. If you know how to use wallpaper well, you can use it in any room of the house, from the bathroom to the dining room. Of course, each room requires a different style, but you can create beautiful compositions.

To help you choose the paper that best suits you and your home, the Bennour D├ęco team has prepared some advice so that you don’t make a mistake in your choice.

How to choose Tunisia wallpaper?

Several aspects should be taken into consideration before choosing the style, color and texture of Tunisia wallpaper. Indeed, it is necessary to know the environment in which it will be inserted, what the space is used for and if the wall will have more decorations in addition to wallpaper.

Living room and dining room

If you want to “update” the decor of your living room, kitchen space or other bedroom in your home, an excellent solution is to invest in a single wall. Bet on a contrasting Tunisia wallpaper that is in harmony with the composition of the environment. Thus, the effect will transform the room without making it heavy or polluted.

Another way to change the decor with wallpaper is to use neutral tones for all the walls in the dining room or living room. In this way, you can highlight furniture and other decorations.

Wallpaper in the kitchen

Betting on the spaces between the worktop and the cabinet, or on pieces of wallpaper to decorate the interior of the shelves or fill the spaces between the kitchen cabinet, makes the environment much more modern and pleasant.

And for those who like to spend time in the kitchen preparing lots of dishes, a slate wallpaper that can illustrate parts of the environment is an excellent bet to personalize the room!

The bathroom

It is worth investing in a colorful and rich model for the bathroom of the house. Since it is not an environment that receives a lot of decorations, Tunisia wallpaper will gain importance. And it will give a much more modern effect to the space.


The most comfortable environment in the home requires a serene wallpaper that conveys tranquility. Behind the headboard, for example, is a large space to explore with themed Tunisia wallpaper. Thus, the wallpaper makes it possible to create a frame for the headboard. Also, since it is not in the field of vision of those who are lying down, the chances of eye strain are less. Because there is little eye contact.

For the children’s area

Learn how to use wallpaper in your decor. Whether in the baby’s room or the playroom, wallpaper inspired by the world of children is always a safe bet. Thus, the variety of models and prints is immense. And that is why it is worth drawing inspiration from ideas to use in the decoration of the little ones. In addition, the wallpaper also presents the practicality during cleaning, being possible to remove any dirt.

What are the benefits of using Tunisia wallpaper?

The benefits of using wallpaper are many. No wonder he returned with everything to the most modern projects. Becoming the darling of the best architects.

Of course, the walls must be prepared to receive the wallpaper. And this, leaving them free of imperfections such as holes and cracks. However, even so, the installation of wallpapers is much more convenient and cleaner than, for example, painting.

Indeed, we put at your disposal on our site a variety of rolls of wallpaper about 10 meters long and 53 cm wide. The area to be covered must be calculated to know how many rolls will be needed. If the wallpaper is printed, you also need to consider the scraps needed to fit the prints into the seams. Because these prints generally consume about 20% more paper.

Easy to withdraw or exchange

When the wall is covered with wallpaper, it is generally more protected and therefore ready to receive a new covering when the current one is removed. Except in very special cases, such as when infiltration occurs, the change is much faster than any other type of wall covering.

So if you’re looking for a quick and easy makeover, Tunisia wallpaper is the perfect option to renew the look of your home overnight!

Simplicity for storage and cleaning

The cleaning and maintenance of the paper is much easier than that of a painted wall. Because, depending on the type chosen, it does not absorb dirt. Also, some types of wallpaper have a satin surface that does not even retain dust. As such, they are ideal for use in environments frequented by people with respiratory allergies.

But no matter what material you choose, a damp cloth or mild detergent is usually enough to keep your paper walls clean.

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