15 awesome cleaning hacks that will make your housework more efficient

cleaning hacks

Cleaning is still an unexciting task for most people. But what if we gave you some housekeeping and cleaning solutions and tips that promise to GREATLY simplify your list of chores? It’s already more tempting, isn’t it?

Here are 15 cleaning/household solutions that will revolutionize your daily life!

Clean the sponges in the microwave oven

Kitchen sponges quickly become grimy. To avoid buying them all the time and to prolong their life, just wet them, then heat them in the microwave for 2 minutes. Attention: you must then wait a little before taking them out. Boom ! 99% of germs will be gone. Repeat a few times a week.

The toothbrush for cleaning everywhere, everywhere!

If you’re hoarding the toothbrushes offered by the dentist, it’s time to use one for your household! These are perfect for cleaning small hard to reach areas, such as between tiles, computer keyboard, on the edge of the drain in the sink, around faucets, near handles, on door moldings, etc. cupboards, etc.

 Clean the oven glass

Over time, especially if your stove is not new, the space between the two panes can get dirty, making it difficult to see what is cooking. Here’s what to do to clean this surface easily:

  1. Completely remove the drawer from the oven.
  2. Look under the oven door; there will be holes. This is where you have to go.
  3. Take a brooch hanger for clothes and open it to make a long hook (it can be cut with metal pliers).
  4. Attach with a rubber band on the end of the hook a cleaning wipe for the windows, or even a paper towel sprayed with cleaning product.
  5. Introduce the hook through one of the holes and rub wherever possible. So!
  6. Remove pet hair from carpet

Is your cat or dog losing TOO MUCH hair and it’s all over the carpet? Just take a shower squeegee , which you can find at the dollar store, and run it over the carpet to completely and easily remove hair! This trick also works on sofas and other upholstered furniture.

Unclog the showerhead

Does the shower head in your apartment work really badly? It’s probably time to clean it up. Simply fill an airtight plastic bag (Ziploc style) with vinegar and fit it around the showerhead, securing it with a rubber band. Leave to act overnight, then gently remove the bag. Magic!

Clean Stovetops Effortlessly

If you cook less, you know that the pan rings become full of grease and food particles very quickly… And seriously, no one wants to scrub them endlessly. The solution uses a bit the same principle as that for the shower head: you have to soak them overnight in a large waterproof plastic bag with a little ammonia in it. Ammonia is sold everywhere, in the row of cleaning products, for a few dollars.

In this case, no need to refill the bag because it is the vapors that will dislodge the grease and clean the circles, and not the liquid itself. Be careful to seal the bags well (it smells strong!) and to place the bags on plates, if ever there is a leak. Afterwards, we throw away the ammonia, we take out the circles, we rinse them under water and then we wipe them.

The good old lemon for scouring the faucets

Lemon is almost a miracle cleanser! You can use half a lemon directly on the faucet to remove hard water stains, or run it over a wooden cutting board to clean it thoroughly without damaging its finish. The same half lemon can also remove stains from metal utensils or other surfaces such as stainless steel sheets.

The dishcloth in the shower

Next time you’re at the dollar store, why not buy an extra dishcloth? This can be filled with bathroom cleaner and hung in the shower on a suction hook. If you prefer, you can also use a wooden brush. Then, when you’re in the shower, you just have to take an extra minute to clean it up quickly while your conditioner works. And There you go! Your shower will always be clean.

The orphan bottom to dust off the blinds

We all have a gang of orphan stockings lying around in the bottom of a drawer, in the naive hope of finding each other one day. Be honest with yourself: you’ll probably never find the mysterious missing stockings. So grab one for cleaning the blinds! We simply dip the bottom in a little vinegar diluted with water and pass it over the slats. If you also want him to talk like a puppet, you have the right, we won’t judge you!

How to clean up a nail polish spill

Accidents do happen, but spilling nail polish is particularly painful. Here’s how to make the splatters disappear:

  1. Deal with it ASAP. Don’t wait for it to dry!
  2. Start by pouring remover all over the stains. Leave to act for a few minutes, then wipe off the biggest part with paper towels.
  3. Rub with a “Magic Eraser” style sponge.
  4. If there is still some, spray some hairspray on the polish and leave on for a few minutes. Wipe again with paper towels.

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