How to make an elegant bathroom?

elegant bathroom

Tips for a chic and elegant bathroom

Inspired by the styles offered by the most prestigious bathroom designers such as Westone Bathroom or the Italian oasis group, here I am giving you the secrets to creating an elegant, resolutely chic bathroom that will have nothing to envy following the Plaza athénée de Paris (… Everything will depend on your budget of course! – if you want to have an idea of ​​how much it costs to renovate a bathroom, you will find a lot of information in this price guide, relatively well detailed , I’ve found.)

Do you need decoration ideas to create a stylish bathroom ? A lick of paint, new tiles or modern bathroom fixtures are all it takes, as these photos prove. We’ve rounded up our favorite bathroom images, filled with stylish decorating ideas to inspire you, no matter the size of your space.

Here you will find 10 design steps to create a stylish bathroom .

1. Bet on black for a prestigious bathroom

Yes, deep black is definitely an elegant color that will look great in a bathroom. It’s a color borrowed from the world of luxury, so there’s no doubt about its ability to evoke the world of stars!

In small spaces, black is perfect, it enlarges the room and effortlessly brings the touch of chic you are looking for when you want to create a designer and elegant bathroom.

2. Mix the textures

Using materials that are soft to the touch helps create contrast with other hard surfaces in the bathroom. The resulting visual and tactile experience will be much more interesting and enjoyable for the senses.

3. Surprise with unexpected elements

Luxury is not within everyone’s reach, you want an elegant bathroom worthy of 5-star hotels, so dare to reserve eccentricity for people and you too will have the whim of a star by integrating it into your bathroom. elements as majestic as they are surprising, such as an ethanol fireplace.

4. Hang paintings in your bathroom.

Who said art has no place in a bathroom? Hang painting in your bathroom using wall hooks

who have never sought to design an elegant and refined bathroom.

5. Bring nature into your bathroom

Integrating natural elements such as plants creates an environment that reflects the serenity and purity of nature. The addition of large plants in the bathroom is not only a rare aesthetic, but in addition, they will grow wonderfully in this room with high humidity.

6. Use art deco mirrors

For maximum effect, do not confine yourself to traditional bathroom mirrors and use art deco mirrors, which, taken out of their traditional universe that is the living room, brings an original and refined touch which will seduce the most demanding.

7. Arrange statues in your bathroom

If Buddha statues find their place perfectly in an exotic Indonesian style bathroom , you who are looking for an elegant and chic bathroom, your choice should be towards French or Italian Baroque style statues which embody the elegance of the 18th century.

8. Accessorize your bathroom

No question of seeing plastic bottles of soap and shampoo lying around the edges of the bathtub or the sink, it will ruin all the style efforts you are making. Equip yourself with elegant containers in natural stone, granite or ceramic.

9. Pay attention to light fixtures

Opt for quality lighting and choose a natural color temperature for the bulbs to avoid the neon effect of the Paris metro. Pay particular attention to the choice of sconces that you will place on each side of your mirror.

10. High-end bath linen

Finally, the pinnacle of luxury is found in the quality of your bath linen. It is not only stylish but also extremely comfortable.

Sofitel hotels market their range of bathroom linen online, you can also look at the side of the white company, linen supplier for large hotels

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