Advantages and disadvantages of carpet

Carpeting adds style to your home

Before having carpet installed in your home or apartment, consider its pros and cons. Subject to stains and less manageable than a soft floor, the carpet is soft and warm. Moreover, it is no longer allergenic. Carpet manufacturers are improving it day by day to create technologies tailored to consumer demands. Discover the exhaustive list of the advantages and disadvantages of carpeting!

Pure style

Carpeting adds style to your home and matches the decor of your choice. Whether you want to create a modern atmosphere or a more relaxed and warm look, carpeting is flawless.

It is true that coatings such as wood or natural materials are very popular at the moment. On the other hand, the carpet’s softness and insulation make it unique. Carpet with short or long pile, patterned or colored: you will necessarily find what you are looking for.

Extreme comfort

Have you ever noticed that after walking on travertine tiles or concrete for a while , your feet hurt? Hard surfaces are known for just that! They offer no flexibility under the feet . On the contrary, the carpet is very soft underfoot. What’s more, it absorbs shocks thanks to its flexibility and damping.

Thermal and sound insulation

The carpet offers excellent sound and heat insulation. In fact, a study conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Engineering shows that the thicker a carpet, the more insulating it is. Thus, carpets can reduce heat loss during the coldest months of the year. Thus, it allows you to reduce the amount of your electricity bills simply by changing the flooring.

In addition, houses and apartments with carpet are quieter than those with any other floor covering. The carpet attenuates many noises, including footsteps. This type of floor is therefore particularly recommended for large families.

Security for all types of audience

Unlike wood or tile floors, you, your pet or your baby are not at risk of slipping on carpet. In the event of a fall, the carpet allows a soft landing. Thus, this coating is an excellent option for a children’s room. Finally, the carpet offers good cushioning, which reduces the severity of injuries during falls. As a result, it is also an excellent investment to adapt your home to the elderly .

A relatively low price

Depending on its quality and manufacturing technique, the price of a carpet can go from simple to double. And this, like all other floor coverings on the market. However, carpeting often costs much less than hard surface floors.

Also, the carpet can be installed on a wide variety of floors. Therefore, the technical requirements during laying are less. This allows considerable savings in terms of installation.

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