14 tips for decorating a house with decorative wallpaper

house with decorative wallpaper

There are so many things you need to consider when choosing the best decorative wallpaper for your home. From patterns and colors to breathtaking textures and scenes, wall art could change your walls in an instant.

The main question will therefore be: what can I do to decorate my house with wallpaper?

1 – inspired

The first thing to do is to have an idea of ​​what is trendy and what looks good. So browse thousands of pins on good Pinterest boards and start saving what you like the most.

2 – samples

If you are looking to get a large scale piece, it is strongly recommended that you obtain a sample before applying any decorative peel and stick wallpapers. We are also thinking of setting up this service before ordering one of our wallpapers in the future.

3 – choose the colors

This is an important tip in choosing the right wall decor for your home, as you need to make sure you don’t clash with the other colors in your design. The tips say, “Use the deco wallpaper as a guide for accent colors elsewhere in the room to bring the whole scheme together. This should be the focal point, so try not to choose patterns or hues that will fight this.

4 – choose the self-adhesive wallpaper

Make sure you get self-adhesive wallpaper that’s mess-free and easy to use. Most companies offer fantastic removable wall tapestries that you can remove and even reuse after a while. We offer fantastic adhesive wallpapers that you can reuse several times without damaging the wall or leaving traces. discover them here: Self-adhesive wallpapers .

5 – choose your style of interior decoration

When choosing a wallpaper mural for your space, make sure it matches your interior design style. Take a look at Wow Decoration’s Top 6 Interior Design Styles to find the style that suits you best to help you choose the best designer wallpapers for your home.

6 – choose your favorite style

Fashions come and go and in order not to fall into this trap, you have to go with your favorite natural style. to force yourself into a choice that doesn’t suit you.” not entirely. »

7 – wallpapers for small rooms

When choosing bedroom wallpapers for a smaller room, avoid darker colors so you don’t feel boxed in. Things you need to know before choosing wallpapers we say: “Go for a large fantasy print instead, such as one of the plants or birds. The oversized design creates the optical illusion that the walls are taller. “

8 – open space

If you’re choosing something for a small space, opt for a forest or landscape wall tapestry . These wallpapers tend to open up your home with beautiful landscapes and dark green is really trendy these days! Choose forest wallpaper or forest wallpaper to bring the outdoors inside to create depth that opens up your space!

9 – clean and modern feeling

If you’re looking for something that’s not too busy but still offers a unique style to show off on a wall, go for geometric artwork or simple wall decals.

10 – marble mural

Marble looks are really trending in 2018, so get the look you want with these textures without spending so much money on the real thing..

11 – covering the 4 accent walls

If you’re looking to cover all 4 walls, here are some expert tips for covering 4 walls in your home “A classic single stripe pattern hung horizontally across all four walls gives a new contemporary look. Simple, large-scale designs will not. overwhelm a room but add an on-trend touch. “

12 – covering 1 wall only

If you’re looking to cover 1 wall, design advice in the EU tells you: “Choose a dramatic, bold pattern to highlight an area of ​​a room, such as behind a

13 – bathroom wallpaper

If you are worried about installing a wall tile in your bathroom due to wet splashes and moisture, choose the laminate option. With that in mind, the bathroom is a great place to install a natural look like any landscape wallpaper that will allow you to get away from it all!

14 – a vintage atmosphere in the decor

Vintage Looks: With so much detail, incorporating these wall tapestries can sometimes be too distracting when you walk into the room.

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