A move in sight: What do you absolutely have to think about?

useless objects during your move

This is the perfect opportunity to sort things out. There are certainly old electr(on)ic appliances lying around your home.

According to a recent study, each Belgian family has about 11 devices that are not used! It would be a shame to burden yourself with all these useless objects during your move

Ask for quotes from movers or block the date in your friends’ agenda (those with big arms and always a smile, preferably)

Make a topo of bulky furniture to be moved:

Does the big electro and sofa fit through the door, stairwell, etc.? ? Otherwise, consider going through the windows or calling in the professionals!

Terminate your lease if you are a tenant

1 month in advance

Book parking signs with the two municipalities

Take inventory of what you will bring to your new home:

Walk around your home with two boxes: one for the appliances you no longer use but still work, and the other for appliances that have been broken for a long time, including all those unidentified cables. and loners lying around in a drawer.

Then drop off the broken devices at a Recycling Point near you or at the container park, they will be recycled into new raw materials  !

And for those that still work, why not donate them to a reuse center , or resell them second-hand?

Everyone will be a winner, you, your friends who will transport the boxes and the planet!

To find the Collection Point closest to you, go here

Pack your boxes in an organized way:

Avoid packing boxes that are too heavy. Don’t forget that they will have to be carried (No more than 20kg).

Carefully wrap the most fragile objects and electro devices in paper or fabric (plaids, clothes, etc.)

Also remember to keep everything useful for the move (cleaning equipment, scissors, etc.) close at hand.

Plan childcare, cat and goldfish for D-Day.

Make the necessary arrangements to move your gas, water and electricity contracts.

The day before

Unplug and defrost the fridge and freezer (with the door open and after having emptied them of course!)

Unplug the washing machine:

Disconnect the water supply and let the hose drain completely over a bucket before taping it to the machine. Also block the drum with the fixing system provided or by placing a cover between the frame and the tank. Here it is ready for transport.

Plan to eat and drink for friends. Moving is hollow!

After your move, do not forget a few formalities: report your new address to your municipal administration, your bank, your insurance and have your mail forwarded.

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