Moving in winter: advantage, disadvantage, impact on the price

Moving in winter

Moving in winter, what’s the point? Despite appearances, a winter move has a clear advantage: saving money. The greater availability of professionals makes it possible to negotiate prices.

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The other side of the coin is the weather conditions. Winter imposes some precautions and a certain flexibility. To help you set your moving date, we take stock of the strengths and limitations of the low season.

The advantage of moving in winter is the availability of movers

More than half of the 3 million annual moves take place in the summer. From June to September, it is difficult to find a moving company‚Ķ The competition is fierce! The rest of the year, apart from school holidays and the holiday season, the movers’ schedule suddenly empties! To fill it, they are ready to give you nice discounts.

You fix the date of the move more quickly

This is one of the advantages offered by the availability of moving companies during off-peak periods.

The agenda of professionals being much less loaded, it is easier to agree on a moving date .

Since professionals have a slower work pace, they have a little more time to devote to you. This allows you to prepare for your move more serenely.

The move is carried out more quickly ; lead times are shorter. We appreciate.

You benefit from the lowest rates of the year

This is probably the most attractive advantage of the winter period. To make their equipment profitable and occupy their staff, moving companies need to fill their order book. As supply exceeds demand, the customer is king. To him the lowest rates and promotional gifts.

The low winter season, which runs mainly from January to March, sees moving prices drop significantly. This is the ideal time to move for less . The price, at least 10% lower than in the shoulder season, can represent up to half the cost of a summer move.

You can enjoy some upgrade . This is how a professional can offer you a standard formula for the price of an economical formula. In summary: it offers you a more complete service at a lower cost.

Storage offers are also affected by the drop in prices. For the same reason: the eternal law of supply and demand.

Moving in winter to avoid housing tax?

The traditional moving peak at the end of December is explained by the desire not to have to pay housing tax for the first year of occupation of the new accommodation. But the gradual disappearance of this local tax changes the situation. From 2023, only second homes are still affected by the housing tax. Does this allow the whole month of December to be included in the low season? Only professionals have the answer.

Moving in winter: the major inconvenience is the weather!

In winter, climatic conditions impose their law. Cold, wind, rain, snow, ice, anything can happen. Not to mention that the light is low and night falls quickly. So many elements that can complicate or slow down a move. To avoid difficulties, it will be necessary to take some precautions. And if you know how to adapt according to the situation, everything will be fine.

Increased risk of breakage: protect your goods

In winter, it is recommended to pack your belongings with much more care. Due to bad weather, the risk of breakage is greater, especially during handling. But humidity and cold can also damage certain objects.

If the rain is in the game, the ideal is to use reinforced boxes to protect your goods against any infiltration. To insulate the objects most sensitive to humidity, do not hesitate to use the double-cardboard technique. A box within a box is the best shelter from the rain!

Protect electronic equipment in particular , which is very sensitive to cold and humidity. Feel free to over-wrap them with a blanket. Similarly, if you are transporting certain fragile plants that do not appreciate temperature changes, place them in suitable containers.

For enhanced protection against cold and rain, some items can be packed in boxes or plastic protections , which are more waterproof.

To better protect fragile objects, use specific boxes . The crockery, put it in cartons with braces; it will be preserved in the event of an impact. Bubble wrap is your ally, use it without moderation.

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