5 steps to follow for unclogging a drain

unclogging a drain

Some owners attempt to fix the hoof problem themselves because they assume professional cleaning will disrupt their daily lives. In this article, we walk you through the professional drain unclogging process  so you know what to expect from this essential service.

Assess the clog in the pipe

When scheduling a drain unclog , take note of any plumbing changes you’ve noticed. Even symptoms that may seem unrelated to clogs, such as different pipe noises, can provide your plumber with important information about the source of the problem. Your plumber may ask you what you observed, as well as visually inspect clogged pipes .

List the necessary needs to unclog the pipe

In most cases, your plumber will give you an estimate before they begin the unclogging process . This estimate will include a detailed list of service needs and the individual cost of each. Your plumber can point out services that might change if the problem turns out to be more complicated than expected.

Inspect the inside of the pipe

Once you understand the tasks your plumber will be performing, they will take a closer look at clogged drains . If the obstruction is closer to the drain pipe opening , your plumber can perform a closer visual inspection.

If your pipes have a deep or developed clog, he may need to use a  plumbing camera  to determine the size and content of the clog. This information ensures that your plumber is using the best drain cleaning method possible.

Sewer pipe clogged

After your plumber determines the tools he will be working with, the unclogging process begins . Single clogs can be removed by hand or by using a drain snake . Drain snakes are stretchy cables that can access obstructions that are out of sight and reach. Depending on the composition of the clog, your plumber may hook the clog and remove it or break the clog and remove it in the drain.

If the clog is particularly difficult to remove, your plumber can use a hydrojet tool instead. As the name suggests, these tools use pressurized water to clear out clogs and buildup . He may recommend a water jet if you have a lot of mineral buildup in the pipes, even if not all of the buildup is causing a clog.

Check the condition of the pipe

After the initial cleaning, your plumber will use the video tool again to verify that the clog issue is completely resolved. If there is still visible buildup , it will repeat the unclogging steps until the clog is cleared.

Our recommendations before unclogging a drain

It is important to adopt the right habits to properly maintain your pipes . Many clogs are preventable with proper pipe maintenance. If the clog was created by items pouring down the drain, your plumber can recommend steps to prevent similar issues in the future. For example, many kitchen clogs consist of cooking fats which solidify in the pipes as they cool. Disposing of these by-products in a plastic bag and disposing of them in the trash can reduce the risk of clogged pipes.

Your plumber can also list any repairs that are needed to make your plumbing system more efficient. In some cases, they can provide you with an enzymatic cleaning solution to use on your drains if needed. This type of cleaner helps break down mineral buildup and other clogs to extend the time between official unclogging.

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