clean your house

How to clean your house

273 ViewsCleaning your house on a daily basis can be a source of stress and fatigue. However, there are simple little tricks to keep the bathroom or kitchen clean , all with a few household products. Clean your house a little bit every day The best way to keep a clean and tidy interior is…

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Carpeting adds style to your home

Advantages and disadvantages of carpet

343 ViewsBefore having carpet installed in your home or apartment, consider its pros and cons. Subject to stains and less manageable than a soft floor, the carpet is soft and warm. Moreover, it is no longer allergenic. Carpet manufacturers are improving it day by day to create technologies tailored to consumer demands. Discover the exhaustive…

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unclogging a drain

5 steps to follow for unclogging a drain

454 ViewsSome owners attempt to fix the hoof problem themselves because they assume professional cleaning will disrupt their daily lives. In this article, we walk you through the professional drain unclogging processĀ  so you know what to expect from this essential service. Assess the clog in the pipe When scheduling a drain unclog , take…

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